Market Area Hotel in Port Blair

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a hotel near the airport?

When we think of a hotel we generally think of holiday accommodation. Nothing could be truer. But we sometimes miss the fact that the hotel can be a convenient and comfortable base.
If your flight leaves before dawn or arrives with the last of the evening, why not spend the first or last night of your holiday in a hotel at best place to stay in port blair? The prices of the rooms near the airport are convenient and almost all offer a free shuttle service to / from the airport. And then not traveling only for vacation. Staying near the airport is also an excellent solution for business travel.
The offers and types of accommodation are really many, but how to intelligently choose the most suitable solution? Leave without stress, even at dawn! If your flight leaves very early in the morning I would almost tell you that the only solution to reach airport is to take a private taxi. It is true that public transport do not interrupt the service during the night, but the number of trips is very low, so the risk is to spend the night traveling.
Arrive late in the evening: start your holiday resting at Hotel nearby airport in port blair Conversely, you have preferred a flight that lands very late in the evening. Maybe you chose it not for the price but one more day of vacation you just couldn't get it… at least so you are ready to leave to visit the city early in the morning. Our advice in these cases is to take advantage of the services of the hotel shuttle, which are located near the airport, you can rest peacefully at night and leave for the city the next day after a nice shower and a good breakfast. Furthermore, the prices in this area are really affordable: one more reason to choose this solution!